I’m sure more than a few of you have heard me say something like “I don’t think International Adoption is for us, it’s a lot of time and expense when there are kids here that need families too. “  So for some of you, hearing that we are shifting our adoption plans to Inter-country adoption, it may be a bit of surprise.   I wanted to try to explain how that shift happened.

Well, it’s pretty easy, it’s a God thing, God changed my heart.   Oh, you want more?

Many of you know we had started on the process of special needs adoption through the state, we had gone to the intro class, done our initial intro class, filled out applications, and were registered for the full PS-MAPP class. When Thomas had a shift in employment, and I added some hours at work, we had to cancel the class.  We have been unable to make the local classes work with our work schedules.   Meanwhile, God was working in my heart.   He showed me how International adoption could impact the Gospel in some unique ways. He showed me how we could impact the life of a child from another country by welcoming them into our family.  He also showed me how because of our desire to keep our kids connected to their culture we would have opportunities to build relationships with new people in a very natural and organic way.

This is still a bit of a stripped down version, but hopefully it gives you an idea of the process behind our shift.  I look forward to seeing how this unfolds and what impacts for the Gospel we will have because of the process.