Our road to adoption is a winding one. After we married in 1995, we wanted to wait a little bit before having a child. We never dreamt that we would end up waiting 11 years for a child to come into our home. We asked God to hear us and bless us with a child. I admit, it was hard waiting on God during this time. In fact, I asked God to either bless us with a child or to take away my desire to have a child – the desire was that strong. Since the desire never went away, we trusted God would eventually answer our prayer.

In 2006, our nephew came to live with us. For the next six years, we raised him as our own. At the time, we began to feel like God had answered our prayers for a child with him. Still, we longed for more children. We started to pray about adoption again when something we thought would never happen, happened.

In January 2009, Julie became pregnant. At first, we were in denial because we assumed God would answer our prayers for children through adoption. Once the shock wore off, we were thrilled. During the pregnancy, we discovered that our son had at least a cleft lip. Despite one doctor encouraging us to abort, we knew that no matter what happened, we were going to see him come to birth. In September, God blessed us with our second boy.

Fast forward past the joys of the first two years of having a baby (and past the corrective surgery as well) and you would find a pretty happy and well-adjusted family. But we still had a longing to see our family grow. We began to pray about adoption again. When our nephew moved back with his mom, we realized that we had become a little too comfortable. We began to earnestly explore adoption again.

As Julie posted a couple of days ago, international adoption wasn’t really on our radar. We assumed we would adopt domestically and most likely through the foster care system. But God has other plans. We don’t know exactly where this is going, but we trust God has a fun ride in store.

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