Here we are a week away from Christmas — seems like it’s been a crazy couple of months. We have our first homestudy visit on Friday – I’m not nervous — I think I just want to get it done. This one isn’t actually at our home – so I don’t have that to think about, but still just want it all to go well.

Don’t forget to contact your US Senators and Representative regarding the Making Adoption Affordable Act. I’m a bit amazed that this little post is actually coming up in Google searches according to the blog stats. If you need ideas for your letter, e-mail or phone call – check out my letter: Making Adoption Affordable Act post

Thank you to everyone who has been using our Amazon affiliate link to place your orders!  Every little bit helps.  Remember all you have to do is go to Amazon through the link on our blog here (under “Support our Adoption” on the right side of the page, or the “Want to Help” tab at the top of the page) shop as normal and a percentage of your sale goes to help support our adoption, at no extra cost to you.  The Amazon Affiliate program is pretty cool, and a great way to support a cause you believe in.

Thanks also to all who are supporting us in prayer!  As I was shaking my head looking at the big batch of paperwork we received yesterday, Thomas reminded me — there is no way we can do this without God – and He loves adoption, and while it all seems like so much now (money, paperwork, time, etc.), there is an amazing story here — working to share His story.