We are starting to work on a couple of garage sales to help fund-raise for our adoption (and help us and our friends and family clean out). I’m new to the planning of garage sale thing so have a few questions/items I could use assistance with.

  • When is the best time (date) to have them? Right now I’m thinking maybe one in  April/early May and one in June? Earlier would be ok, as long as there is potential for good sales. Are there specific dates we should look at or avoid?
  • I would like to do one in Adel, and one in the Waukee area. We have a lot of family/friends in both areas, hoping that will make donations, helpers, and buyers more varied and accessible.
  • Does anyone have a garage or other space we could use for these events?  Our place is hard enough to find for people trying to get here on purpose, and really wouldn’t work for a garage sale for a variety of reasons.  Or do you know of someplace we could look into?
  • Local friends and family, as you are spring cleaning/sorting, would you consider saving any items that would be appropriate?  Anything that can be priced ahead of time would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, if there is anyone who is willing to be a resource, help plan/organize, or even just walk me though this – I would love it! I love going to these types of events, but being on this end is a little different!