I realized it has been awhile since we update everyone on where we are at in the process. I think this is primarily because he haven’t had any “news” to speak of. We received word that S. Korea continues to change and adapt the laws so we really don’t know what to expect. It seems that every time we think we learn something, we end up with more questions.

But then God does some really cool things and reminds us that He is working this all together for good. Some very generous givers (including one just a few moments ago!) have blessed us tremendously. Julie’s family is hard at work on the fundraiser garage sale and pork roast (more information to come on that). But the neatest thing to happen is something that is going on with Luke. We have prayed every night for his future brother (along with our friends who are missionaries in Africa, his friends from Church and thanked God for Netflix, race cars, racing trucks, racing tracks and racing cars). The other day, Luke started talking about how he wants a brother to come and play games with him. My heart about melted. Luke wants a brother!

Yes, this is a lot of work. Yes, it is an emotional experience. But it is so worth it. And in adopting a little boy and in giving Luke a brother, we get to show both of them what it means to be adopted by our gracious God. We hope we are also living out a little bit of the Kingdom of God.

So, we ask you to pray for God’s blessings in:

  • Finalizing our home study so we can move it along to the appropriate government agencies.
  • A quick approval from those government agencies.
  • That we would only have to make one trip to S. Korea rather than two.

We rejoice in:

  • Continued financial blessings.
  • A very smooth process so far.
  • Opportunities to share what God is doing in our lives.

Thanks for taking the journey with us!