(Please note – Julie is posting this, but it was written by Thomas.)

“…for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7


First, let me apologize for the lack of updates over the past week or so. It truly has been a whirlwind week. God has done some pretty amazing things in our lives during this past week and in every way, He has met us where we were and brought us to a place of humble obedience.


The story starts a week ago when I got a somewhat panicked email from Julie saying that the little boy we’re praying about was not on the agency’s waiting child list any longer. She emailed the agency and we both started praying. I confess that we both were afraid that someone else had adopted him. Even though we have told God that our ultimate hope is that this little guy would have a family of his own and that we would be alright with God’s decision in this as long this happened. But I found out that I wasn’t alright with it. I was fearful that God wouldn’t come through.


In many ways, it brought back memories of the first week we knew of our pregnancy with Lucas. I remember getting the call from Julie saying that, because of some bleeding, they wanted her to go in for an ultrasound. When she asked if I should be there or not, they told her I probably should because it was either going to be really good news or really traumatic news. On my way over to the doctor’s office, I was very fearful. My fear lead to anger towards God because I couldn’t understand how He would allow us to finally become pregnant only to have the child yanked away only a week in.


“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate … leads to suffering.” ~ Jedi Master Yoda


Thankfully, God had other plans. In hearing Luke’s newly formed beating heart, I heard God’s promise that no matter what happened, He would walk with us through this time. So, when we thought Luke might have birth defects beyond the cleft lip, although we were cautious, we trusted God. The opposite of fear is trust. We trust God not just because His Word is true, but because He has proven Himself over and over again.


Coming full circle to the adoption, I just stopped what I was working on and asked God to give us an answer. Our homestudy wasn’t quite done yet, so we assumed we could switch countries if we needed to with no issue. I remembered how God had proven Himself and started to trust. When the news came in that our little guy was no longer listed because they removed him for us – my heart leapt for joy! This doesn’t mean that we have a formal referral yet, but we received the news as a confirmation from God and an answer to prayer.

But God wasn’t done yet. Since then, God has:

  • Blessed us by allowing me to win a gift card a a company function which in turn has allowed me to share with those who congratulated me about the pending adoption.
  • Blessed us with gifts from friends and church family.
  • Blessed us with the completion of our homestudy so we can begin applying for grants to help with expenses.
  • Blessed us with some fantastic news about some adoption law changes in South Korea.
  • Blessed us with an overall financial picture that says our next payment is completely covered and one of the next ones as well.

I won’t say that fear is completely gone and will never come back. Honestly, the news out of North Korea these days is very frightening. But I know that no matter how difficult this process is, I can trust that God is sovereignly working all things together (Romans 8:28). I believe now, more than ever, that this little guy is to be part of our family.


As always, we appreciate your prayers in all of this. Here are specific ways you can pray:

  • PRAISE: Please just join in praising our might God for all that He has done so far!
  • Please pray also for peace in Korea and that our little guy remains safe.
  • Please pray for a speedy approval by both governments so that we might have a referral sometime in the next three months.
  • Please pray that we may qualify for some grants to help offset the costs, and that the responses are swift.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support during this time. It means everything to us!


As always, if you want to help support our adoption financially, please check out the methods in the links above or to the right. Thanks!