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Random Updates

Since our packet is off for US approval – we are playing a bit of catch-up on the adoption front now. Here is what we’ve been looking at:

Grants – we are applying for 3 different grants – and gathering the information necessary for these. Two of the three, we cannot officially apply for until we have a referral – but we want everything ready so it goes quickly from there. Most grant teams only read and award grants maybe 4 times a year – so there is still a bit of a lag/delay. We are praying for enough in grant funding to cover most of our travel expenses since most of the other fees will need to have been paid by then. 

One of the grants we are applying for (Caring Connection through Bethany Christian Services) asks us to include the names and addresses of 10 people they can send information to about donating to the grant fund. If you are willing to let us give them your name and address, please send one of us an e-mail, text or private message. It is not committing you to making a donation, but it is adding you to their mailing list. 

Education – We are reading books and gathering videos and information for our required education. I have been reading a collection of letters written by Korean birth mothers to their children. I am learning so much about the adoption culture and why these mothers have made this difficult choice. I’m pretty sure there will be a full post about the book when I am finished. We are also continuing to learn more about the process, what travel will look like, and trying to learn a bit of basic Korean. (Not very successful on that one yet… thankful for Google Translate. )

Events – We are working on a couple events – My family is working on a smoked pork meal/fundraiser in June. (For those of you who have heard and have always wanted to come to “Meatfest” here is your chance! More details as soon as location is firmed.) I am also hoping to do a silent auction (online and at the meal) so if you have any items, or connections please let us know!  The Garage Sale is still going to happen, but I am currently leaning to doing it a little later, after we have a referral. One of the post-referral grants is a matching grant, and I am thinking it would be a good fit for the garage sale. We’ll just need to wait for the official acceptance and materials from the granting organization to publicize. Also, the cold weather just hasn’t had me in a garage sale mood…  We still have some space if you have items to get rid of though!

Finally, we have been Counting our Blessings – I was telling Thomas the other day how blessed I felt by the continued support we have received – from people asking how things are going, asking about events and the garage sale, the continued shopping support – especially at Amazon, and the gifts. Since we opened the specific accounts for our adoption funds, there have been deposits every week. We still have a ways to go, but we are getting there! Thank you for choosing to be a part of this journey in whatever way you can, we appreciate each of you!




Quick Update – April 13, 2013

Just wanted to provide a quick update on where we are at with the process. We received some additional good news this past week from our agency. Other families who received a referral as recently a month ago have been submitted to the court in Korea! This is extremely good news for them, of course, but also for us as it looks like things are moving again. We continue to hold out hope that we will be able to travel by the end of the year. Will you join us in praying that we will be able to travel and bring our boy home by the end of the year?

Also, we received some encouraging news about the recent events in country. It seems that this type of provocation happens on an almost annual basis. It is more intense this year because of new leaders on both sides, but no one feels in immediate danger. Having worked in international humanitarian efforts in the past, it is when the locals feel threatened that we need to start to worry. Honestly, we still hope and pray, but I have had a strong sense of calm over the past few days. Still, we would love it if you would join us in prayer!

Finally, we just sent off the paperwork for the next step of this process. We need approval from the US government and then the other government before we can receive a formal referral. It is at that point, we can send a small gift and some pictures. Then he will know what we have known – that he is part of our family.  Will you pray with us that we will have all this paperwork done and be able to have a formal referral by July?

Thanks again for all your prayers and support! It means so much that our little guy is loved even before you meet him!

As always, if you want to help support our adoption financially, please check out the methods in the links above or to the right. Thanks!


Two Discs Full of Blessings

I spent some time last night updating my prayer list. You know, the list of all the things people have asked me to pray for. What I found very encouraging is that in many cases, God has already answered our prayers and provided in many unexpected ways. It was affirmation that God continues to work in our lives and in the lives of our friends and family in ways we never would have imagined. God is not only alive, but He is active and working in our lives, showing up and answering prayers when we least expect it.

We had just such a thing happen this past week. On Wednesday, Julie spent the day with her sister doing sister things (I think it had something to do with groceries, lunch and a trip to the consignment store, but I don’t really know for sure…). Julie peeked at her phone to see she had an email from the adoption agency. Not really expecting anything and with a title of “Two Discs”, she really paid it no mind. A while later, she went to our web portal to find a message that said the agency is dropping two discs in the mail to us full of more information regarding the young boy we hope to adopt including pictures and video! From what I was told, she ran across the store, excited to share the good news with her sister.

Now, while we wait for the mailman to deliver these discs, we rejoice. Every step of the way, we have witnessed God’s unending grace and confirmation that we are in His will. Sometimes it’s a kind word from a friend, other times it a generous gift (and honestly, a gift of a penny is generous to us – and many of you have blessed us beyond anything we could have hoped or imagined!) – this time it is completely unexpected news like this. We have asked God to affirm this calling in our lives and He has – over and over and over again.

Certainly we don’t have a formal referral. Things can still change. But as a friend who has gone through this herself pointed out, they don’t give this type of information out unless they feel confident that things will go through. Although things are still “up in the air”, we firmly believe that God not only is calling us to this, but He is working it out so that that little guy can become part of our family soon. And we can’t wait!


  • The blessing of the discs, pictures and more information about our little guy.
  • We are approximately 1/3 of the way there in fundraising.


  • That our paperwork would go quickly and smoothly in both governments and we would be able to have a formal referral by June.
  • That recent events in the area would not escalate and that our little guy would be safe.

As always, if you want to help support our adoption financially, please check out the methods in the links above or to the right. Thanks!