It’s been a crazy few weeks here – so we haven’t posted updates – so the highlights are:

  • Received notification to go to the Federal Building for our fingerprints for US immigration.  Honestly, it was a very easy and pleasant process.
  • Attended a presentation by the University of Minnesota Adoption Clinic to learn more about some of the medical issues to be aware of with international adoption.
  • Scheduled the Garage Sale for June 14th-15th.  Very thankful for a friend willing to host the sale in town where people might actually be able to find it, and for a sister who is going to help me research and price stuff! Also very thankful for all the friends who are bringing stuff and/or helping in other ways. (Please let me know if you have anything you’d like us to pick up!)
  • We’ve received two silent auction items!  Thanks to Mary Kimber for the children’s quilt and Cara Hollingworth for the tutu!  (photos below!)

Again, thanks to all those shopping through our Amazon link and sharing it with others! I finally figured out that if I save the link as my Amazon bookmark, it’s much easier! We found out that the agency that handles the the country fees will be raising their rates July 1, so we are trying to raise and pay all those fees prior to then so we can avoid the increases. It is close to the time they would have been due for us anyway, so worth the extra effort.  We would also like to thank those that have agreed to let us put their name on a mailing list for the Caring Connections Grant.  I believe we just need 3 more names – please let me know if you are willing, or ask either of us for more information.

Most of all, we appreciate your prayers – for patience, for safety for our little guy and his foster family, for expediency through the process, and that God and His work is recognized and glorified throughout this process.

child's quilt

child’s quilt

little girl tutu

little girl tutu