This past week has been a bit of a blur – so this update is late – however wanted to let people know…

We got our USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) approval!


We got a few more updated photos!

So now the next step is waiting for approval from the S. Korean government.

We are just over 2 weeks away from the garage sale, and we are humbled by the people who are “cleaning out” for us. Thank you!  I am thinking we may still be able to do another sale towards the end of the summer for the matching grant after all.  (I have barely begun to get through our own stuff.)  We are pulling a few of the items and will either Craigslist, e-bay or silent auction them. Don’t worry, we’ll share these items either here or on Facebook so you can see them and/or share with people who might be interested.

So that is what we’ve been up to! I know this is a bit of a disjointed update but wanted to share. As always, thanks so much for your support – whether it be prayers, listening to us share, shopping at Amazon, donating to the garage sale, answering questions, and much more.  Thank you!