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Great News!

What a week it’s been! First, we want to thank everyone who has helped us either with donations, helping to watch Luke, staff the sale or purchase something from the sale (or any combination of the above!). We raised a fair amount towards our last portion of the initial country fees which are due at the end of month. We are very grateful for everyone’s help, support and prayers that made the garage sale a big success despite some rather crummy weather here in Iowa.

But that is not the only good news. Earlier this week, Julie and I mapped out the next steps process. I am a very linear thinker and I said that it would help me to know how to pray. Since we were a little unsure, Julie sent an email to our agency and asked if the process we looked at made sense to them and make sure we haven’t missed anything. A couple of days have passed when I get a text from Julie today telling me to go and look at our message page on the agency’s website.

I’m no adoption expert, but the step I was most looking forward to (aside from actually bringing our little guy home!) was the referral step. Now, I’m not sure I can fully explain what a referral is but in essence it is where everyone says that you are OK to parent this child and the appropriate agencies agree to let you adopt a particular child. The way it was explained to me was that the referral was our next big step.

So, as you might imagine, we were thrilled today to read that we have that referral! We aren’t done by a long shot. We still have a lot of paper work to do, receive final government approval and then travel for our court appearance. But this is a major step in the process. And we are grateful for it.

We did get a little bit of unfortunate news, though. We did find out today that we will need to make two trips: one for our court appearance and a second for bringing him home. It’s funny, we initially shied away from any country that would require two visits because we were afraid of how hard it would be to meet our child and then have to come back. God certainly has a great sense of humor! We will have some additional costs involved in that (and if you’d like to help, you can check the links to the right and see how to help) but we certainly warming up to the idea.

That’s it for now, but that sure is a lot! Again, we are grateful for all your financial and prayer support. We couldn’t do this without all your help!


It’s garage sale weekend!

You may have noticed a lack of updates on our part as of late. Part of that is there is nothing to report, but it is also because I’ve been busy with school and Julie has been busy getting ready for the big garage sale that starts … TOMORROW!

Lots of books, clothes and normal garage sale stuff at great prices. 100% of the money raised will go into our adoption fund. Since we need to pay our country fees by the end of the month so every little bit will help.

495 SE Carefree Ln, Waukee, IA 50263

Here’s a map to

the location of the sale – hope to see you then! If you can’t make it locally, don’t forget that you can always buy something from Amazon using the link to the right!

One last thing – please pray that we might have our official country approval by the end of the month as well. That’s our next big step and that’s what we are praying for.