It’s not a catchy post title, but it’s what’s been going on.  We are officially on to the next phase — gathering documents for submission to the Korean courts.  Today we went for our 3rd set of fingerprints. Hoping it will be the last set for awhile. So will send those off and wait for the response letter to send with the rest of our documents. While we wait I have a few copies I can make and forms to fill out.

We also received 3 short videos in the mail last weekend. We got to see our little guy playing hard on the playground. Let’s just say I don’t have any concerns about his gross motor skills.  In fact, it made me excited about the thought of the two boys getting to play together – of course it makes me a little nervous too!

The trend for great mail continued on Monday, we received notification  we had received an adoption assistance grant from Show Hope.  If you are not familiar with Show Hope – please click on the link to learn more about this great organization serving orphans and providing adoption education and assistance to families. They recently celebrated their 10th anniversary!

As we move forward we ask for continued prayers for:

  • expediency with paperwork, and that all is accepted upon submission
  • that we will be asked to appear for our court date within the next few months so we can be home with our son before the end of the year.
  • Fundraising – including two more grants being submitted, another garage sale, silent auction, selling some collectibles on various sites and some pork sandwiches in there somewhere!
  • That we will be a positive Christian witness and ambassadors for adoption throughout the process and our travels.

We continue to be humbled and blessed by the support of family and friends in a variety of ways. It often comes just at the right time and means more than you know. Thank you so much.