While we are still waiting for a few things to send our packet off to get in line to be submitted to the Korean courts, things are getting a bit more real here at home.

Last week we asked for permission to send our little guy a care package and got approval.  So last weekend we went shopping! It was fun, and yet challenging, We ended up sending him a Lightning McQueen t-shirt, a Playmobil set, and a small photo album with several photos of us and his room. Thomas did a great job selecting some fun photos, providing some written commentary (in English and hopefully understandable Korean thanks to Google translate!). We also sent along a notebook/journal and some sharpies for his foster mom. (Who doesn’t love sharpies?)  So we got the package off in the mail yesterday and are praying that it will be received, and that it isn’t too overwhelming for our little guy!

We also put a photo up on our family photo wall at home.  If you’ve been over, Lucas has probably shown you “my brother”. I think it has helped make it more real for Lucas for sure. He is talking about his brother in Korea and that we should go get him so they can play tomorrow.  Probably most touching was this morning, I’ll call it “A Tale of Two Cars”.


As you can see from the photo – We have two scale Nationwide cars.  One was given to Thomas by a friend, and when it came home Lucas adopted it. He has played with it hard – it is definitely a favorite toy, even though it was never designed to be a toy. It gets pushed around, the tires changed, checked out under the hood – and who knows what else. On a recent trip to The Iowa Speedway, when checking out the shop and displays, a worker was amazed at Lucas’ racing knowledge, and excitement for the sport, so she gave him another one, which he has asked about MANY times since then, wanting to open it and play with it.  We had planned on keeping it put up for when Luke got older or when the first one was beyond repair.  Well, this morning Lucas found it and brought it to me and asked about opening it – I told him he’d have to discuss it with Daddy later.  He then ran and got his car and told me – “This is my car, that one is for (insert little guy’s name here)”   I asked him, “Are you sure you want [little guy] to have this one? You want to give it to him?”  Lucas said “Yes, that one is for [little guy].”

I am excited that Lucas is getting excited about having a brother. I know there will be jealously, and fights, and power struggles, and I’m mentally preparing myself for that – but for now – Lucas knows he’s getting a brother, knows he wants to play with him, and that he’s ready for him to come home.  So are we.