I realized that we haven’t updated the blog for a little while and we really needed to. This week saw a huge milestone – we finished the paperwork and sent it all off to the national office. They let us know that it looks good and that they needed to add a couple of things they normally do but that the whole thing should be off to Korea within a week! At this point, it’s like the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. You start outside and eventually make it through the interactive queue, to another queue, then to the stretching room and then to another queue. We’re finally in the main queue but have a couple more show elements until we make it to the main attraction – finally getting to bring our little guy home. Although I wish we had a Fastpass, the stand by line will be just fine.

As we wait, we won’t be idle. Because we have two trips, we have a larger amount of money to raise. Of course, you can always help us out by buying some coffee or some school books by checking out the links to the left, but we have a very tasty way to help us out coming up in a few weeks. If you remember, I mentioned last Christmas that Julie’s family took us up on our offer to not buy us Christmas presents and instead is doing a fundraiser for us on September 3rd. This “Pork with a Purpose”¬†fundraiser might just be your only shot at getting some of my brother-in-law’s awesome smoked meat (and you can read more about that HERE!). Plus, all the money will go to help our expenses in getting our little guy home.

That’s all for now. We appreciate your prayers for a speedy track through the government and that we would be able to have our little guy home by the end of the year.