ImageDon’t forget that tomorrow you can join us for a very tasty fundraiser and you also get a night out of the kitchen! On Tuesday, September 3rd, you can join us from 4-7 pm at Harvey’s Greenhouse in Adel for “Pork with a Purpose” (although, let’s face it, does pork really need a purpose beyond it’s delicious main purpose?). You can enjoy smoked pork sandwiches and some fun sides with all the proceeds going to help bring our little guy home. For more information, you can click on that link above and it will take you to the Facebook page.

We would also like to thank you for all your help this past month as we hit our highest Amazon rebate. As scary as it is to consider, Christmas is just right around the corner and avoiding the mall is always a good thing. If you plan to order anything from Amazon, please don’t forget to use the link off to the right. Coffee is also a great gift and the roaster linked on the right is also a great way to help support adoption.

Finally, one of the best ways you can support us is to pray. We are praying specifically for the following:

1) For a quick approval for our paperwork.

2) An initial travel date by the first of the year.

3) Praise – we have paid off all of our actual fees and are now raising our travelling costs. 

Thanks again – there is no way we could do this without all your support!