Thanks to generous donations from friends, family, and even friends and family of friends and family, we have a garage full of stuff. It is time to move it and have it find new homes!  We will be having a garage sale in the garage of Harvey’s Greenhouse and Garden Center at 611 Nile Kinnick Dr. S. in Adel (just North of ADM High School) You can find the ad on Craigslist here. We will be setting up on Thursday, September 26th from about 9:30 – 5 ish.  Please feel free to stop by, say hello and unpack a box or two!  Volunteers are allowed to shop as well!  We will be open for sales Friday from 8 until at least 5 and on Saturday from 8 until at least noon. Thank you to Harvey’s for letting us use the space! Even though it’s a fundraiser, since this is the last one, we are pricing items to go! There are plenty of housewares, small appliances, glassware, Christmas items, kids, items, clothing, books, a small kitchen drop leaf table, designer purses, toys, music, and much more available. Also, for friends not in Adel, if you like garage sales, the Adel Public Library is also having a garage sale – so two big fundraiser garage sales within a few blocks of each other may make it worth the drive.  (We love visiting the Adel Public Library they have one of the best kid areas and top notch kids programs – better than many metro libraries!) And, of course you should take in the great displays and fall items at the greenhouse while you are there.

After this sale, the majority of the items will be donated – I will only be keeping things I think I can sell on Facebook garage sale sites that will be worth the time. I’m glad we did some garage sales, but they are a lot of work!  I’ve been saying I’ll never do one again, but deep down know I will to help someone else in the future to bring someone else home to a forever family.

Otherwise – we continue to pray for quicker than normal processing of our paperwork and continue to be thankful for all of your prayers, love and support.