A few days ago, we mentioned that we had received a matching grant that once we raise the matching funds, we will be fully funded for all the adoption costs and the travel expenses to bring our little guy home! Now we have the information for you to help us take this one last step. It’s super simple for you to help us out – in fact, in honor of Special Agent Oso (and if you don’t have a preschooler, just trust me on this) – we have three simple steps

  1. Visit https://www.brittanyshope.org/seedling/cackler/ .
  2. Fill out the simple online donation form.
  3. Say “whoo hoo” to celebrate how you helped us get our little guy home.

We need to raise $2000 before we travel sometime next Spring. So, what we are asking is for 200 people to give $10 – and your donation magically becomes $20! If you can’t give $10, that’s fine, give what you can. If you want to give more than $10, well, that would just be awesome!

We are so excited that this is going to become a reality and our little guy will be home sooner than we think! We can’t wait to share the next steps of that adventure with you as well.

Our prayer requests and praises:

  • Prayer for our paperwork to be submitted for approval and a speedy trip through that processing.
  • Prayer for the package we sent over yesterday with our little guy’s Christmas present!
  • Praise for the blessing of so much generosity and how we are almost fully funded!

Thanks as always for your support!