A year ago I wrote an Advent post about Hope – and how I was scared to hope – that a certain little guy would be joining our family. This year I think Anticipation is our word.

It’s been a busy week. It seems with Inter-country adoption – there is the long waiting that people are familiar with – but there is also periods with a flurry of activity.  This was one of the active weeks.

Over the past two days were notified that our Korean Ministry Emigration Permit was approved last week (much quicker than anticipated), received photos of Little Guy with the Christmas gifts we sent. And since one of the Holt workers was visiting the area and took our package, we got the photos quickly and there were several of them. (And we hear there will be a video coming too!). Finally we also received word that US agency had received and translated all of the forms necessary to file what I think (hope) is our last US Immigration form on this side of the adoption, so we were busy with prepping and mailing those documents.

I realize most of you reading this are thinking – “Ok, so this is all cool, but what does it mean timeline wise?”

Well, there is a 6-8 week time period while documents are prepped and translated for Court Submission. Then there has generally been a 6-8 week wait from submission to court date. We fully realize there can be delays, holidays, vacations, etc. that can extend this timeline – but, the hope  and prayer that we can travel for court in time for Little Guys birthday in the last half of March is a realistic goal at this point. Last year I prayed on his birthday that he would not be an orphan by his next birthday.  Please join us in this continued prayer.

Finally – we are still in need of support for our matching grant through Brittany’s Hope. We still have a long way to go – remember, if we reach our goal of $2000 – it is all doubled (up to $4000 total grant). We need to have it raised by the time we are invited to travel. Some people have asked us about Christmas gifts for little guy.  Please consider doing a $10 donation through this link instead. We will be using these funds to help with some of the basic clothing and supplies he will need as well as medical expenses.

We thank you all for your continued support and prayers through this process. Our prayer for you is that during this Advent and Christmas season you are able to reflect on the birth of our Savior and look in anticipation not only to the celebration of His birth, but His return.