As we start this new year – I think about all that we are hoping for in 2014 – and how different things will be by the end of this year.  I think we are are as ready as possible. (OK, maybe we need to work a little bit more on the Korean language app – but that is definitely a goal for January -(I am listening to Lucas and Thomas practice with our new Mango app right now.)  I also realize, no matter how much we prepare, there are going to be things that will throw us for a loop. Just like bringing a biological child home, or even adopting an infant – there are the unknowns.  

We are in another waiting period now while our documents are being prepared for court submission in South Korea, and for our final immigration approval from the US. We had already been pre-approved for little guy to be immediately considered a family member and US Citizen, and are now getting him specifically approved. 

As we move forward – of course timelines are flexible, but our prayers are for

  • Submission to Court by the end of January
  • Brittany’s Hope fundraiser (matching grant) complete by February
  • a Court date by the 3rd week in March
  • bringing little guy home before Thomas’ birthday in April

We are very thankful for each of you following our journey and appreciate your prayers and support more than we could ever express. Thank you and a Blessed New Year!