Has it really been nearly two weeks since we updated the blog? Wow – time flies as you get into a New Year!

When I checked the mail on my way home tonight, I pulled out a large white envelope that I initially thought was some sort of junk mail. Then I flipped it over and the return address read “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services”! A smile broke across my face as I knew what this meant – we have approval from the US government to bring our little guy home. I walked in the door and tossed the envelope on the table and she immediately said, “YES!” After a typical manic Monday, this was very welcome news.

Where does this leave us? Well, right now the only things we still need are submission to Korean court and a court date! Once we have those, the rest of the initial trip will fall into place and we’ll finally get a chance to meet our little guy. Hopefully, we’ll be able to travel by his birthday towards the end of March and we’ll get to bring him home by the end of April. Right now, everything is tracking towards that end.

We are immensely grateful for all your prayers and support during this time. However, we still need your help. The fast approaching travel date means we are running out time to raise our matching funds grant from Brittany’s Hope. Right now, we still need 196 people to step up and donate $10 at this link to finally be done with all our fundraising. Also, if you could share our blog with your friends and family, we should be able to hit this in no time.

I know I said a while ago that we were done fundraising, but that was counting this matching grant. We are still going to adopt this little guy regardless, but if you could take a few minutes and donate $10 or share the link to our blog and ask your friends to help us out, we would be very grateful. And we still appreciate your prayers – we’re almost there!