Court Submission!  That was the subject line on the e-mail I received this morning. Thomas had already left for an appointment, so I managed to restrain myself from going to our secure site to read the full news long enough to forward the link and shoot off a text.  We were submitted yesterday, and were told to expect it to be about 4 weeks before we are informed of a court date, and those appear to be about 3 weeks out from notification.  So, it is looking like we may be traveling for Spring Break this year.  (For our out of Iowa friends, that is the third week in March, I know we do it way before anyone else, call it cabin fever.) This timeline would fit in just right with our goal of making it there on/before his birthday – so we are praying we stay on course.

Also, thanks so much to those that have donated to our Brittany’s Hope Matching Grant! We only get total amounts from the agency, but know we are about 1/3 of the way to our goal.  we have about $1400 to go (or 140 people donating $10). This grant is designed to specifically help with some of the extra expenses associated with adopting a child with special medical needs – to this end, we would use the match from the organization to cover medical expenses for Little Guy including co-pays and fees for some of the extra tests/services he will need in the first year here.  If we don’t raise our half, they will give us the donations that people have made on our behalf. Consider making something fun of it and help raise awareness for adoption at the same time. Maybe take some treats to work and have an info sheet and/or donation jar by them. Ask co-workers to give what they spend on a coffee each morning, take a load of items you would donate to half price books, or a consignment store, do something related to the Super Bowl or check out our list of ideas on this previous post. We have a flier I would be happy to send you – just let one of us know.

Thanks to all of you for your prayer support as well.  Going forward our prayers are:

  • That our paperwork moves swiftly through the court process and we are able to have court by Little Guy’s birthday
  • That we will all be able to be home by mid-April and Easter
  • That we are positive ambassadors for adoption both here and while we travel
  • For Little Guy, and his foster family as they prepare for this transition

Thank you all for sharing this journey with us!