Today is an important day in our house: the Daytona 500! Unfortunately, the rain had other plans and almost seven hours after green flag, we are still waiting for the race to really get going. In a very real way, today is like a snapshot of our adoption process: hea flurry of action with a long (really, really long) rain delay.

But, we’re close to the race going green again and we are close to hearing when our court date will be. It will be four weeks tomorrow from when we were submitted to court and our agency said that we should expect a court date in four to five weeks (although, as with most things in life, we are not guaranteed). So, while we have nothing new to report right now, we hope to have more news this week.

That also means that we are running out of time on our matching grant. We have raised about $600 of the $2,000 that we have to raise for the matching grant. For those of you have already donated, we are thankful. If you haven’t, would you consider taking a few minutes and donating towards that goal?

The end is in sight and we are so grateful for each one of you who have joined us on the journey. Will you join us in prayer for this last few laps?

  • Pray that we will receive news on our court date this week.
  • Pray that we will be able to travel the third week of March and that we’d be able to bring our little guy home in April.
  • Pray for continued safety for our little guy and for our upcoming trip.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support!