Wanted to post an update for those of you wondering where we are in the process.  In short – we’re still waiting for our court date.  While we are disappointed that our date wasn’t assigned this past week as we were hoping, we understand. Our understanding is that the court process is getting updated a bit – and will mean it will be a shorter wait for families in the future, and we think that is a great thing. So we’ll continue to wait, and trust in God’s timing. (But we are hoping for travel end of March or early April.)

Thank you to those who have contributed to our Brittany’s Hope Matching Grant.  Every bit makes a difference for us, and for others who are adopting special needs kids. Thank you!  We will keep the grant open for one more week as we still have a ways to go. Please click on the Grant text above to make a donation. Also please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued prayer support!  Ours prayers at this point are:

  • That we will receive our court date soon
  • That we are positive ambassadors for adoption
  • That God is glorified throughout the process
  • For Little Guy and his foster family as they prepare for transition and are playing the waiting game as well

Thank you for joining this journey with us.