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Come to Korea with us!

In just a few short days, Julie and I will be on a plane to Seoul via Chicago and Tokyo. Although we are excited to finally make the trip to meet our little guy and appear in court, we are a little nervous as well. Over the next few days we will be packing and repacking, checking and rechecking our luggage to see if there is anything else that we need or want to bring along. If you would like to come along with us, you can do so via Twitter and Instagram. You can follow me at Twitter at and at on Instagram at I will try and update this blog as well, but probably only once every day or so. I may post a video or two on youtube, but I’ll link to those from this page.

As we go, we would greatly appreciate your prayers. Not just for safety, but more importantly that we would be great ambassadors for the Kingdom and the cause of adoption as well.  Our prayer is that we will have opportunities to share the gospel message on this trip for the glory of God.

Thanks for praying and I hope you’ll be able to virtually join us on the trip!


Surprise Generosity

Well, Julie backed me into a corner and said that I would write an update about some additional generosity we have received. Since I promised I would get this updated by the end of the weekend, I guess it’s now or never.

One of the cool things that I did when Lucas was born was purchase a nice fountain pen to use to sign all the birth records for him with the plan of then putting it up for his 12th birthday. I really wanted to do the same thing for our other little guy but I wanted that pen to be a nice pen from Korea. The plan would be to sign all the adoption paperwork for him, put it up for him and give it to him on his 12th birthday as well. So, over the past few months, I reached out to my fountain pen geeks and asked if they knew of any pen stores or brands in Korea.

I had several people suggest stores, but they mainly sold pens made elsewhere and not in Korea. I was getting frustrated when a kind Korean gentleman stepped up and said, “I have a special pen, made in Korea that I want to give to you and your son.” I was blown away by this kind gesture. I graciously accepted as long as I could thank him and his family by taking them out for a meal while we were in Seoul. Plans were made and we were very excited at the prospect of making new friends in Seoul.

If this were the only thing, then I would be very happy. However, that is not the end of this story. A few days later, my new found friend emails me to say that he has a friend who wants to make us a dojang, which is a traditional name stamp, for our little guy with his Korean name. I was speechless at this kind gesture. After working out some logistics, we were happy to accept. A couple of days later, my friend then emails me to say that another friend of his wants to give us another fountain pen! The kindness and generosity of these people is amazing!

Now, last night we went and had dinner with a friend from a church we used to attend who immigrated from Korea. She is a grandmother and loves kids. After a wonderful dinner of delicious Korean food, we brought her up to date of the process and repeatedly, she not only offered, but insisted that we ask her for help as we transition our little guy to our home. After sending us home with more food than we know what to do with (except eat it – I think she is single-handedly trying get our palates adjusted for two weeks in Seoul!), we feel like we have a strong ally in this process and can’t wait for our little guy to meet her!

I think what we have learned in this whole journey is that God will bless you and most often He does so through the kindness of other people. And we have been, and continue to be, blessed through this journey. Thank you for coming along side us.


Giving Gifts

No, we are not asking for gifts for us 🙂  But in preparation for our trips, we are learning that gift giving is an everyday part of Korean culture. It has been fun looking for and finding small, uniquely Iowan/American gifts to take to share with people we meet. (It is going to look like I’m smuggling a honey bear army in my checked baggage!) We are also planning on taking some items that are harder to come by, or are more expensive there to leave with the agency to use in either their maternity homes or with the children waiting to meet their forever families. People have asked about us having a shower for items for our little guy.  We really have been blessed already, and are asking anyone who would like to, to consider getting one or two of the items listed below for us to take to share with the agency, and the mothers and children they serve instead.

  • Gerber rice cereal
  • Vitamin syrup /chewables or iron supplements
  • new baby clothing or small toys
  • prenatal vitamins
  • skin cream for the mothers
  • diaper cream (desitin) or vaseline

If you would like to send an item or two – please let me know so we can figure out when to connect, and plan for space. We will probably take some on each of our trips – but would like to take the bulk on our first trip.

And of course, prayer is always a perfect and generous gift, please pray for the workers, birth mothers, foster families and children, that they may listen to and honor God in all that they do and that they would recognize Him as the creator and giver of the most true Gift.

Watch this weekend for another blog post – this time about how we (and our child) have been blessed by this culture.

Great News!!!

Earlier today, Julie received the call we had been waiting for. Thankfully, she took the call since she was at a play date at the park and didn’t recognize the number. Although at first Julie thought that it might be bad news since they were calling her rather than emailing, but within a few seconds, she heard the words we were waiting to hear. “Do you want to go to Korea? Because we have a court date!”

Best of all, we will meet our little guy early in our trip. We are beside ourselves with joy. Thank you so much for joining us in this journey. We are almost there!

We will have a lengthier post on all of this soon, but we wanted to get something out quickly! Thanks again and thanks to God for answering our prayers!