In just a few short days, Julie and I will be on a plane to Seoul via Chicago and Tokyo. Although we are excited to finally make the trip to meet our little guy and appear in court, we are a little nervous as well. Over the next few days we will be packing and repacking, checking and rechecking our luggage to see if there is anything else that we need or want to bring along. If you would like to come along with us, you can do so via Twitter and Instagram. You can follow me at Twitter at and at on Instagram at I will try and update this blog as well, but probably only once every day or so. I may post a video or two on youtube, but I’ll link to those from this page.

As we go, we would greatly appreciate your prayers. Not just for safety, but more importantly that we would be great ambassadors for the Kingdom and the cause of adoption as well.  Our prayer is that we will have opportunities to share the gospel message on this trip for the glory of God.

Thanks for praying and I hope you’ll be able to virtually join us on the trip!