Today we were blessed.  First of all, we were finally able to sleep until 6:00. Then we got ready to head to our court orientation and 2nd meeting with little guy. At our last meeting, we had a little over an hour with him and were told it was time to say good-bye – so we were prepared for that today. When we arrived for court orientation, the coordinator asked if we had been to the center where little guy was living, and when we said no, she said she’d make sure we got out there.  Next thing we know, we are being told that when he gets there, we can all go there in the van and we were ok to stay and have lunch with him. A few minutes later – he was there (and gave us both big hugs and a Long story (a little shorter) is that we ended up spending the entire day there – were special guests for lunch and dinner, go to go see the group home where he’s been living, and visit his pre-school as well. (where he proudly introduced us to everyone as apba (daddy) and and uhm-ma (mom). We were able to sit in on some evaluations, visit with a volunteer couple from the states who have been spending some extra time with our little guy, visit with his on-site Dr. and visit with Molly Holt and hear stories about her parents and their work as well as her own passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these children and adults with special needs. It was amazing – I can’t wait to come back and volunteer as a family someday. (for a little bit more about Ilsan you can check here )

Our return to Ilsan will be sooner than that though, we were invited to come back and spend more time with our little guy. Picking times wasn’t easy – but since we will have to leave him at the end of this trip – we will plan to go back and spend all day Sunday with him – and attend the worship services at the center. We will return again on Wednesday afternoon after our court appearance and spend our last afternoon with him as well. We are also working on plans to stay at the center we we return. It is in a beautiful setting, built on the side of a mountain with many trees, paths and outdoor space. I have so much more to write about Ilsan and what we were able to see and experience there -so I am sure there will be more posts.

So we are not going to get as much sightseeing done, and I’m ok with that 🙂

And a piece of my heart will be left here on a mountain in Ilsan – and I’m ok with that too – It just means we will have to come back.