If you know me – I’m not big on Mother’s Day – for a variety of reasons, it’s been difficult in the past – and because of that – I can be very aware of how painful it can be for others.   However, although there was no celebration, card, or special packages for me today – it was a very memorable Mother’s Day today for a few reasons.

Church – We went to church at Ilsan today – as we walked though the site on our way to get our little guy (we were running late and he had already gone to church with his house mother and the rest of his house). We were greeted joyfully by residents and staff who were carrying their Bibles and on their way to church. When we arrived – they were already singing joyfully – the chapel was full of people of all ages and all abilities – singing Praises – it was beautiful.  We sang along in English with songs we recognized – but otherwise – just enjoyed the worship. Molly sat with us and translated prayers and the message.  Both were heartfelt, beautiful and honoring to God. I not only want to visit again, but wish everyone could have the experience.

Time with Little Guy – We enjoyed time after church, lunch and a good part of the afternoon with our little guy. We ran, played on two different playgrounds, walked, played with tangrams and sticks. There were some good highs today.  There were also some pushing of boundaries, tantrums, and meltdowns (I got to chase shoes thrown into bushes and up the mountain) While we knew there were going to be some challenges – it got very real today. He is very possessive of us as well – other residents wanted to hold hands, walk or play and he made it very clear that we were there for him. (So we had a chance to work on sharing attention today). We also gave him one of the 4 bracelets we bought yesterday – we wanted to leave him with something that we all had matching to let him know he is part of our ‘Ohana – and we will be back.


Evening project – All too soon it was time to leave Ilsan for the day and take a train back into town. We grabbed some dinner and coffee and came back to the Guest House – where I needed to sit down and do a project I’d had in my brain for awhile.  I wanted to write a letter for his file at Holt for his birth mother. I’ve had in my mind for some time that I would write it on Mother’s Day – I wanted to have met little guy face to face before starting on it. I know she may never see it – I do hope she does – but either way – I needed to thank her for choosing life for her child , that we are open to communication with her, let her know that we have been, and will continue to pray for her – and share a bit about Moses’ mother and her choices in faith. The text is done – the stationary store was closed – so will pick up stationary and “write” it tomorrow – but hope it still counts.

Thanks again for coming on this journey with us! It continues to be an adventure.