Today was our last full day in South Korea – which meant it was court day. It also meant that our bodies were finally adjusting and we slept until about 7:00!  We got all dressed up for court – and headed to Holt for our van ride to family court. There were 4 families in our group – one family from PA and 2 families from Norway – we all chatted  – but were nervous on our trip.  When we got to court we did some group photos outside and then headed in. Once in and settled in the waiting area outside our judges courtroom, we found out we were to be the first family to appear. After some waiting and last minute coaching from the Holt staff about some prospective questions, we were called in. We had been told that this particular judge was very friendly, but likes to ask a lot of questions. We were asked a few questions including questions about if we had met our son, some questions to me about my work schedule and how I would manage my work at home hours with 2 boys, if we understood our son had special needs and would require more work, and before we knew it, he was saying “I wish for you a happy family forever.”, and we were on our way. Our understanding is that he has already done the paperwork necessary for notifying birth mothers, so we can expect to return for our Visa appointment in 4 weeks. (We were also told we could have as little as 3 days notice before this appointment!)

After lunch (Korean BBQ – what else?) to celebrate with the other families – we dropped our birth mother letter off at the Holt office, stopped to change our clothes and took the Metro out to Ilsan to see our little guy. He was a bit hesitant to hang out with us today – although once the sticker book and tangrams made an appearance, we were good to go for awhile. We then walked and explored a bit – and one of his friends from the center tagged along. There was some testing and pushing limits as well. We had been invited to dinner at Molly’s House – so went, ate, and visited. All too soon, it was time to take our little guy back to his home and we needed to head back into Seoul. Staff have said they will work on a calendar with him to our projected return time, and I know we will be watching the days as well.

So tomorrow morning we say goodbye to South Korea for awhile – but are hoping to be back soon!

Prayer requests –

  • safe and as hassle free travel as possible
  • that our little guys understands the wait – and that his apprehension for coming home disappears
  • for the staff at Ilsan, working with kids and adults with special needs
  • for our family as we start the transition process and decision making in preparation for little guy’s homecoming