God loves adoption.  I know this because the enemy hates adoption. I know this because we have seen many acts of spiritual warfare this week. Then I googled “spiritual warfare in adoption”  and I saw that we are not alone.

I recognized the insomnia attacks.  We’ve done this before – but he’s attacking stronger this time.  Condo issues (water leak through the dining room and power out for two days so far while they try to find a replacement breaker box somewhere), kiddo that’s at home already is suddenly afraid of sleeping, and lots of other little items with needing to get papers sent in quickly, work and other hurdles.

But again, a piece of my heart is on a mountain in South Korea.  I find myself worried for my son there, and what attacks he may be facing.

The evil one does not want orphans in families. He does not want them to know the love of earthly parents, let alone growing up in a Christian home and learning more about the Heavenly Father.

So Satan, your attacks are just reinforcing in us that we are on the right path. They are drawing us closer to other believers in prayer. They are driving us deeper into HIS WORD. With apologies to Shai Linne – L was singing a little song this morning…

The TV is dead, the lights are dead, the power is dead – but JESUS IS ALIVE!

And, we really needed to clean out the freezer anyway.  🙂

Please join us in praying that:

  • The power comes back on – so we can finish trip preparations
  • For L to overcome his fear of sleep
  • For G – and whatever attacks he may be facing
  • For smooth travel
  • For as smooth as possible transition for our whole family

Please join us in rejoicing for:

  • Housing and transportation logistics simplified!
  • Our new friends we’ve met through adoption groups
  • Thanks for our friends helping out with freezer/fridge space, and  other miscellaneous electrical and kid support.