Well, we are now a little over 72 hours into the great adventure that is Operation Bring G Home (I just dubbed it that, catchy, no?) and everyone except for Apba Daddy is asleep. It’s a little before 3 am here in Korea and I realized that although we updated Facebook when we go here, I have not updated the blog and Instagram has been scarce as well. So, the primary news you’re wanting to hear is that we have G! We are an ‘Ohana (because ‘Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind – or forgotten!). That makes June 23 officially ‘Ohana Day – the day we all became an ‘Ohana (as an aside, I know most adoption folks call this “gotcha day” but I find “gotcha” to be a bit more negative and we’ve always had a soft spot for Lilo & Stitch – so it will be ‘Ohana Day because I get to make the rules here!) Later today, we will go into Seoul and to the agency offices for some final paperwork and then it’s off to the US Embassy where we will finalize G’s immigration paperwork and maybe some celebration ice cream. Once all that is done, we are free to leave, but will spend the next couple of days just hanging out and continuing to bond until our flight on Friday.

I’m amazed at how well most everything has gone. Yes, there have been moments. Yes, the language barrier is hard. But we are getting by and for the most part thriving. The boys are getting along well – although both have a hard time sharing (I think a lot of that is just being five!). It rained most of the day yesterday which initially I thought was rough, but I am now glad that it happened because we had to be a family in a close quarters. Luke spent most of the day adjusting to the time change. Jet lag hit him HARD as he woke up at 3 am yesterday and was ready to go get G. He ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and evening only to wake up at midnight. He finally went back to sleep about a half an hour ago after waking up G! I put my foot down and said, “I am not taking two tired little boys to the US Embassy today! To bed!”

How would I describe G? Well, he is very much a Daddy’s Boy. He is very clingy to me and that makes sense because he’s had house and foster moms all his life but I think he has lacked that male influence. Every boy wants a daddy and G is no different. He loves TV and playing on the Kindle (He’s a little obsessed with the Temple Run like Pororo game). The funniest part of the day yesterday was Luke and G both singing along with the theme song to Tayo the Little Bus at the top of their lungs in Korean and English respectively (Thanks, Hulu+ for introducing this one to Luke – it’s a bond they can share). He loves noodles and pizza – in fact he was chanting “Pizza! Pizza!” when I came back with supper last night. He’s a daddy’s boy alright.

What else do I want to share with everyone about the trip so far? Well, here’s a list of a few things in no particular order:

  • Asiana Airlines may have a bad website, but their service rocks. They found us and allowed us to board early and the in flight service was awesome. We felt like we were in First Class even though we flew coach.
  • The international terminal at O’Hare is incredible. No lines. pleasant TSA agents and very helpful people. A great experience.
  • Seoul’s airport is still one of the best I’ve been to. Very easy customs and wide areas for baggage claim. And very easy to find people.
  • Daddy can make a pretty decent Raman / Hot Dog / Won Ton soup!
  • Mommy is a saint when she takes the boy so Daddy can nap.

That’s all I have for now. I know this might be a bit rambling – jet lag at 4 am will do that to you. But we are still grateful for your prayers and support. God has heard them and has answered – so far, so good. I know there will be bumpy days ahead, but I’m encouraged by this one last memory. Yesterday, we were headed out to go to the staff worship service here at Ilsan and G looked a little tentative. I pulled out my pocket protocol droid and said “Family” into it and out came the Koran word for family – 가족 or gajong. I pointed at him and then me and said “gajong” he broke into a wide grin and started jumping up and down. He knows. Harry Holt, founder of the very group home I’m sitting at right now and who is buried lest than a five minute walk from here said, “Every child deserves a family they can call their own.” Grandfather Holt, I agree. Thanks for leaving a legacy that kept our little G safe until God got us here to get him. Someday, we’ll meet in God’s Kingdom and I’ll thank you in person.