We’ve had custody for a week, and have been home just over 4 days. It’s all been kind of a blur.  I think we are all missing Korea a bit – and of course especially George – however, I would say he is adjusting well. The past two nights, bedtime has gone remarkably well for both boys – and that is a victory I will definitely celebrate. There are always little surprises as we learn more about each other. Today I discovered he loves oatmeal – like, carrying the carton of oats around loves oatmeal. Can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow! (Hope we do it right!)

G has some delayed speech issues – which right now for us means, he’s really good at non-verbal communication.  There have really only been a few times we don’t figure out pretty quickly what he wants or needs.  He is also picking up English already as well. We are already recognizing some family traits as well. (Who wouldn’t sort the word flashcards by the color of the border?) Also some great negotiating skills. He is a great eater, and is being a good sport about eating. Pizza is a favorite – but did great with meatloaf tonight.

Going to the Dr. was challenging, and we had a clue of that from his pre-flight check in Seoul. We will need to see a few more specialists in the next few months for some of the 22Q deletion issues.

George and Lucas act like they have always been brothers.  Whether they are trying to copy each other, struggling with sharing, or running in circles, there is a lot of brotherly behavior going on. Even when there are squabbles, they are quick to “hug it out” and move on. One thing that is getting hard to get is photos – they move too fast! 🙂

IMG_20140627_112525_664 IMG_20140629_191951_646IMG_20140627_120315_262IMG_20140627_072945_232  IMG_20140629_192537_447

As we pray we are Thankful for:

  • all of our support from friends and family – meals, texts, phone calls, visits, and of course prayer, have all been greatly appreciated.
  • spreading the word about special needs adoption – We’ve had some shares and some new readers.  Thanks for joining the journey!
  • Sleep. What we can, when we can. But last night was a full night for all.  I feel like Super Woman

Prayer Requests:

  • That G continues to feel more comfortable each day and we establish routine
  • That the weather allows for more outside time!
  • Wisdom as make medical and school decisions
  • Sleep. Preferably at night.