Have we been home a week? Hard to believe – To be honest, I’ve had a hard time keeping track of what day it is.

G is learning more each day – and so are we. So, in an effort to show how far we’ve come, some things we have learned over the past week together –

Mommy and Daddy- have learned that Google translate is not always helpful, although it is a great tool when you are trying to communicate either way. However a few mis-steps – (Tiara vs. I don’t want to, or wipe vs. strawberry) but with context – it can help get us in the right direction. We are also learning more about sibling rivalry every day – but also the magic of brothers/best friends. I’ve also learned to enjoy the times they are playing well together, and working as a team. I’ve also learned to keep an eye and ear open for their plots for ‘Ohana takeover. I’ve also learned that small play dates are good – for everyone’s energy and need to get out. For those of you that knew about L being afraid to sleep in his room for a few months now – we also learned that he was afraid of the posters he had up in there. They are safely stored out of sight for awhile. 🙂

Lucas – is learning more about sharing. Pretty important life skill. He’s also learning some Korean. I have a feeling He and G will have a hybrid code before we know it. 🙂 I think he also realized this week that G is here for good, and most of the time, he’s glad for that. He is concerned if he doesn’t know why G is upset. Luke has also learned this week that bedtime is not traumatic – and has been a trooper at bedtime.

George – is also learning more about sharing. 🙂 He continues to learn more English at an amazing speed as far as I’m concerned. (He counted and assigned by name all of our burgers from our 4th of July dinner.) He’s learning more about our routine – and seems to really enjoy our food. We had kim and rice on the table for every meal for awhile – but he only wanted it once in awhile. He helped pick cherries which we made into muffins. He’s also become a bit of a smoothie expert.

To be fair – we are all still learning from and about each other. Things seem to switch from calm to crazy fairly quickly. I cannot predict what things will be like an hour from now. We are still figuring out what comes next with paperwork, medical appointments and school.

Thank you again to all who have been supporting us through prayer, texts, private messages, phone calls, visits and meals. Each have meant so much as we work through this transition. Please don’t be afraid to visit or call. Just know it might be crazy 🙂 but knowing we have support of friends and family, and that they are thinking of us means so much.

I’m thinking this is a pretty amazing journey – one we wouldn’t be on without God’s urging. And these photos are a pretty amazing reminder.