Here is a post I started a week an a half ago – and then I was distracted ;)…

Another week!  We’ve been home two full weeks. Hard to imagine just three weeks ago we were on way to South Korea. This week we got very good at finding less busy parks and having a few small play dates. With a 4 1/2 and 5 year old – we need to be active when we can.  One thing that really became real to us this week was how we view our sons. I think every parent worries a little when they add to their family, whether by birth, adoption, or blending families. “Will I really love this child as much as the one(s) I already have?  How is that possible?”  I can say, I’m pretty sure it happened instantly, but this week was when I really realized it. I looked in the backseat on one of our park trips and realized, there were no favorites, it didn’t matter who was first, or the newest member of our family, and even though they are two unique boys, they are both all ours. 


Back to the present.

It’s still true – we still do feel this way. While all we have of G’s early years are some photos and medical records – it sometimes feels like he’s always been here.  Oh, there are still plenty of times where we are still figuring each other out and some rough spots, but it is so impossible to imagine him NOT here.

As for what we have been up to – we are doing a lot of Dr. appointments. Yesterday both boys had appointments at the cleft clinic in Iowa City. It was a little crazy seeing all the Dr.’s with both of them – but we got it done.  I’m very thankful that the different specialists each recognized when the boys were “done” and didn’t insist on pushing them too far.  Each visit makes us a little more aware of G’s special needs and how to handle them, but it’s all manageable.  We still have several more specialists to visit and get baselines for, and it amazes my how varied our medical records are that we received. I know we have far better records than many international adoptions – but they are as detailed  as photos of open heart surgery, to referencing tests where there are no results – and my personal favorite – Hearing test results: Hears.  We still have several more appointments to go, please pray that his fear and anxiety of doctors passes.

Probably the most frequent questions we receive are in regards to language. We are doing fine – we continue to pick up a bit more Korean, but G is picking up English very quickly. Of course the words that he uses that melt our hearts (Mommy, Daddy, I love you, home) and then there are a few more practical ones (potty, apple juice, eat, smoothie, and chicken nuggets). We are even learning the difference between the meltdowns. There is the “I’m crying because I want you to cave and give me what I want” or “I didn’t get my way.”  And there is the “Crying because I’m just overwhelmed, I’m mad, I’m not sure why and I have no control.”

Even thought it’s been about a week and a half I don’t have a lot of photos. Dr. appointments don’t make for great photo ops. 🙂 G did take a photo of L at the dentist, but it’s not real flattering, so we’ll pass. Here’s one though!  Thanks for coming along on our journey Your love, prayers and support mean the world to us during this transition.