It’s hard to believe that we’ve been home over a month now. On one hand, there is still a lot of newness with George but on the other, it feels like he has always been here. I find myself still marveling at all we have come through and how resilient the little guy is.

I caught myself thinking today about both of my boys and just how different they are. I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, “Well, of course they are different!” but not in that way. I realized today that although they are both five year old boys and have a lot in common (for example, I hear that repeating the word banana over and over again is just hilarious!), they are very different in a lot of ways.

People ask me if the language barrier is the hardest part. Not really. G is learning a ton of English, understanding most of what we try to say and even how to say some words. But what is the hardest part for me is remembering that he is different and unique. How I treat him is different (but equal) than how I treat Luke. That’s a lesson that every parent has to go through – whether the second child comes via adoption or birth. He’s different, but not because he’s adopted. He’s different because he’s George.

So, the hardest part isn’t dealing with the fact he’s adopted or overcoming a language barrier. The hardest part is remembering God made him unique. And I’m grateful that in our case, the hardest part about this process now is something that all parents have to go through when they bring a new child home.

But he’s not all that different. As is evidenced by these pictures I took last weekend.