We’ve had several first milestones in the last week – here are just a few of them.

Our first week without a Doctor appointment for George!

Our first time creek walking!

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Our first day of kindergarten!

But probably most exciting was our first visit with an “old” friend from Preschool and Ilsan. The last time these two were together, they were in Korea – living at Ilsan and going to Preschool together every day. We are so thankful to have this connection for our boys. Not only did God want these boys in families – but he wanted them to keep this connection to each other and their past. They both traveled over 6400 miles to live about 100 miles apart. Close enough to see each other several times a year. I love the first photo here – looks like they are catching up! (Hope they aren’t telling too many stories about their parents!) With two active boys, and 3 siblings, the majority of the photos we took are not super!



Looking forward – we are settling into a school routine (for the most part!) George is going to be doing a shortened day for awhile as part of the transition. Next week – we will travel to University of Iowa Children’s Hospital to appointments at the Immunology and Genetics departments, and will also see a Nephrologist later in the week. Please pray the appointments go well, and that they can get the information they need.

But this week – we are so thankful for all these firsts!