Thomas posted this morning while I was still asleep – not knowing I’d started this one – it’s all pretty much different information – so you get two posts.  I’m not sure that makes up for the huge gap. But it’s kind of the way we are operating right now.

First of all – apologies for going so long without an update. Time flies! In this past month – we have been adjusting to school routines for both boys. George is still doing a shortened school day – although we are going to start adding time next week with the plan of him attending all day kindergarten by the end of October. George’s favorite parts of school are his time with his ESL teacher, computers, and library.  Lucas is doing afternoon pre-school four days a week and is learning a lot and having a great time. His favorite parts of the day are playing outside and snack ;).

As for September highlights – Lucas turned 5! and we were able to go to the Holt Family Picnic at the Blank Park Zoo. It was a great chance to connect with old and new friends in the adoption process. George got to see and play with his friend from Korea – and us Mom’s always enjoy connecting as well. I think one of the coolest things was that for one day – at the Blank Park Zoo – we were not a conspicuous family. After the first family we saw – George even stopped pointing out the kids that looked like him.

Also in September – George’s Certificate of Citizenship arrived!  Adoption wise that means we are ready to move on to “re-adoption” and his official name change. Since the adoption was finalized in Korea, his name was not changed. I have no idea how long this part of the process will take.

We also joined the local YMCA. The boys are loving it. They both love the opportunity to swim for sure, but also love playing in the Child Watch area (inside, outside and in the gym) while we work out. Scooters in the gym are definitely a favorite. They have almost become like little trainers telling me I need to go to the Y every day.

Thomas already posted photos – so I really don’t have any. But are looking forward to getting more as we get into are school year groove.  Thanks for being patient as we get into our school and work groove. It has been exhausting, but full of blessings.