Oh my. Has it really been three months since we updated the world about our happenings? It’s been … busy to say the least. Both boys are in school and work for both of us has been busy. It’s hard to believe that it was only 6 months ago that we were in Korea and bringing George home. In many ways it feels like a lifetime ago and yet it seems like it was only yesterday.

George continues to adjust and for the most part he is doing well. His teachers are amazed at how quickly he is picking up English and adjusting in school. He still has his “off” days there, but they seem to be fewer and farther apart. He is growing more to be part of our family and is slowly acting like he belongs. He remains a daddy’s boy, but has grown close to everyone, including grandpa’s and grandma’s. Overall, we have come a long ways from the end of June. And we are grateful.

Luke is also coming along as well. His teachers have commented that he has come so far since starting school in the fall. He is also a social butterfly and is quick to greet anyone with a big “Hi, my name is Lucas. What’s your name?” Ironically, he doesn’t like to perform on stage and refused to participate in the Christmas program (but was polite in doing so). Still, Luke is growing into a kind young man which is all we can ask for.

Mommy and Daddy remain busy with keeping up with the boys. The whole family came with daddy to work at the retirement community on Christmas Eve and everyone was impressed with both boys and said they were adorable. We had no choice but agree. We hope the photos below support that point.

We hope that you and yours have a safe, blessed and happy 2015. May it be a year that sees your dreams and wishes come true – like so many of ours did in 2014. Happy New Year!