Again it has been far too long since we’ve updated the ‘Ohana blog. January and February have been busy with colds, cold and snow, Dr. Visits, more cold and snow and school.

To say George and I were anxious this past week would be an understatement. He had an MRI today to check his spine and some issues there. His charts he came home with showed some concern for Spina Bifida – so they wanted to take a look. As many people have asked “How do they do an MRI on a 5 year old?” The “easy” answer is sedation. Although that of course makes mommy a bit nervous. Thankfully the Child Life specialist helped in making both G and I feel more comfortable. 🙂 The great news is that at the Dr’s first look – the scans all look good. It is great to be able to check one specialist off the list.

Both boys have been enjoying swim lessons and are learning to read. Today, Daddy helped them sharpen their Christmas and Valentine pencils (yes, we’re a little behind) and gave them a cup to keep them in. That along with a notebook to write and draw in and suddenly, they were practicing their name. Hopefully this will encourage them to not only write but record their thoughts. One can hope.

Otherwise, we are slowly getting back into the routine of life. While holidays are fun, they do tend to upset the apple cart. Thankfully, we are in a spell of normalcy. Well, until George’s 1st Birthday with us in about a month. We did celebrate Lunar New Year the other night with a Korean BBQ feast. We still crave the real thing, but it was very tasty.

That’s it for now, thanks for praying with and for us. They are working. George made us a valentine at school. It made us so happy and proud to see how far he has come in such a short time. This is just one such proof of how God is working.


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