Last year I wrote a letter to G’s birth mother to go in his file in hopes that she would check in with the agency. I guess this has become a bit of a ritual for me to write this letter on Mother’s day. Almost a Mom to Mom chat about what has happened over the last year. After much prayer and reflection – I have felt led to share this letter (with Korean family name information removed) in hopes that it will be helpful for others, and reach other birth mothers. I know how helpful it was for us to read books of letters written by birth mothers in understanding their thoughts and decisions. I have nothing but love and respect for this woman I have never met, and those like her that have had to make this choice. Happy Mother’s day to you.

To my son’s First Mother,

There is so much I want to tell you, I don’t know where to even begin. George (Korean name removed for privacy) is beautiful and active. Yes, we have kept the name you gave him and his family name as part of his name. We want him to have that piece of you with him forever. I can’t imagine how you must have worried about him when you had to relinquish him in order for him to receive health care he needed to survive. Survive he has. He runs and plays. Now that spring has come – he loves to play outside. He is constantly learning and exploring. He also loves school and swimming lessons. . He is even learning to read.

There are so many things I want to tell you about how he has grown in this one year we have known him. He is funny and caring but also had an adventurous side. Can you believe at 6 years old he already LOVES roller coasters? George LOVES life and being active. As I am writing this – he is playing with his brother and is laughing. Not just a little giggle, but a full body laugh. He brings joy not only to us, but to everyone who gets to know him.

Please know we love him. He is ours, no different than his brother. But yet, he is yours. We cannot forget the decisions you made to give him life, not only through birth, but through placing him so he could receive the health care he needed to live. We know you love him with a mother’s love as well. We continue to pray for you. That you are well, that you will receive this letter, and that you may see him yourself someday I pray that we may meet, and you may see and feel your son and I will have the opportunity to thank you in person.