Wow, hard to believe – one year ago – we walked from the guest apartment at Ilsan down to Glory House to pick up George – and have him join our family. That first day was rainy in Ilsan, so we pretty much had a quiet day in the apartment. Today was a pretty normal day as well. Although we celebrated at dinner with the same meal we had for our first meal together. Hot dog, ramen, mandu soup. I forgot to take any photos during the process, so here is a photo of the leftovers as well as George polishing off his 2nd bowl.

IMG_20150623_185339395 IMG_20150623_182814219

There is so much that has happened this past year – yet so much of it is hard to describe. When people ask how it has been, compared to what we thought it would be – the answer has stayed the same. Not as easy as we had hoped, but not as challenging as we had feared. I wouldn’t have chosen some of the challenges – but I wouldn’t change it at this point either. Probably the best lesson learned with both boys – is keeping busy is a good thing! ¬†Here are a couple photos from our days out and about this summer.


Yesterday we were able to finalize the adoption here in the states including an official name change! We kept his Korean name as his middle name, and he is now officially George Gang Cackler. It was important to us to keep the name his mother gave him. We also love that the name Gang means “River” This is extra meaningful as we talk about the story of Moses and his adoption – his mother sending him to be raised by another culture¬†to save his life – and ultimately the lives of many. A difficult choice also made by George’s mother.

In some ways – it just seems like George has always been here. Yet when I think where we were a year ago – it’s amazing how far we’ve come! We are constantly being told how amazing his English is – considering his speech delay, this is a true answer to prayer. Yes, there have been challenges, but thanks to sleep deprivation fog – I think I have forgotten many of them.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! But now it’s time for celebration cupcakes!