When we started this blog, our goal wasn’t just to communicate about our adoption, but to also communicate all the fun things that happened after we got home. In fact, we even gave out this address to people to be able to follow along on our journey. The problem was, life gets busy and hectic, especially with two very high energy boys. We were very lucky to get a photo on Facebook or Instagram at times. That said, I think I found a way to make this happen.

So, life is busy if not a little hectic. George has become quite the little swimmer (Luke swims, but like most of his life, he swims to the beat of his own drummer). We are excited that God has molded us into a real family, warts and all. And with that, we are excited that we are moving forward.

My goal is to update the blog periodically with stories or facts about the boys, but more importantly, if this works out well, I hope we can post more photos on the blog through the magic of the internet. Regardless, we want to keep everyone who supported us to get George home in the loop as we continue to raise him to know and love Jesus and his family.