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A Request

I mentioned earlier on the blog that we had the joy and privilege of speaking to a group about international adoption. And, now that our lives have settled into a routine (more or less after almost 3 years!) – I really want to revisit the idea that this blog become something more of an advocacy for the plight of the orphan around the world.

Julie told me today that Luke woke up in the night and went back to bed with George because George likes to have a ‘sleeping buddy’. Lucas then said to her, “It’s time to get another brother.” I think it was because then George would have a sleeping buddy and Luke could get some sleep!

But it reminded me that there are countless children out there right now who need a home and family for their own. So, my request to you today is two-fold:

  1. Will you pray for the plight of the orphan today?
  2. Will you consider doing more than just praying for the plight of the orphan today?