A couple of weekends ago, we had the joy of attending our 4th KAMP – although this was the first time that everyone but me stayed for the whole weekend (It’s hard for pastors to get the weekend off!) KAMP is a place where families with Korean Adoptees get together to learn about and celebrate their child’s Korean heritage. The kids learn about the Korean culture through language classes, dancing, art and tae kwon do instruction.

Now, you may say, “Wait, you can’t have done 4 because George has only been home 3!” True! We went to our first KAMP, just for the annual Korean meal, just a couple of weeks after we brought George home. The next year we went for Saturday and finally last year we stayed overnight. This year – two nights!  And we had a blast.

The fun part for the boys is that they get to be around kids who are in similar situations as they are. For George, he gets to be around other Korean children which is something that he normally doesn’t get to do. For Luke, he gets to be around other biological kids who have an adoptive sibling from Korea. And, every parent gets the unique challenge that adoption – and international adoption – brings. Special needs? No problem!

The best part of all is that KAMP is growing and growing which is great! The whole family is excited to go back next year. Now – here are some pictures!